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  • Digital hardware design for EMC avoidance

    Written by Ian on Monday 15/01/07

    These comprehansive seminar notes cover digital hardware design through from conception to completed product. There is an emphasis on getting it right first time, and avoiding EMC. These notes were presented as a seminar and tutorial both to industry and to university audiences

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  • Digital System Testing via Serial Port.

    Written by Ian and Tom on Tuesday 09/01/07

    So you have made a digital product of some sort, tested the power supply and basic hardware, and now it time to put some code into it. The easiest and most standard method to get debug information from a digital board is via the RS232 serial port.

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  • Efficient coding for small real-time systems.

    Written by Ian on Wednesday 03/01/07

    Writing software for microcontrollers in real-time systems is totally different to coding for a desktop PC. It might feel the same, the high-level language might be the same, even the compiler - but the constraints on what you can do are totally different. Here are a list of 20 hints and tips...

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  • Functional testing for digital systems?

    Written by Ian on Saturday 16/12/06

    Have you built a digital system that needs testing, verification or validation? We've been round this loop a number of times for different products

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  • Digital PCB Design Cycle.

    Written by Tom on Tuesday 12/12/06

    Mission Technologies first project was an ARM development board. This
    project was chosen to expose us to a complete PCB design cycle. A PCB design cycle has the following elements.
    1. Decide on the Product. 2. Source parts

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