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  • Sick of social networking with no heart?

    Written by Tom on 24/10/08

    Social networking as in facebook tends to be introspective and self serving

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  • Overweight? Suffering from a sedentary lifestyle?

    Written by Ian on 10/09/08

    Body weight gain = input calories - calories expended

    It's simple really: if you want to lose weight, either eat fewer calories, or expend more, or do both. Here are some hints and tips from a 12-hours-a-day-in-front-of-his-computer man.

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  • Jandal Fixer

    Written by Tom on 07/01/08

    How often have you broken your jandal? Read on for the Universal Jandal,Flip-flop,thong, fixer

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  • Cultural Dis-equibulation: Linguistic Myopia:

    Written by Tom on Sunday 04/03/07

    Living in Pakistan has its quirks here is a couple of them.

    These are titles that I have coined for the experience.

    Cultural Dis-equibulation:

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  • Make your own sawdust bricks.

    Written by Tom on Monday 05/02/07

    Where I come from there a several saw mills each with its growing mountain of saw dust, they can’t give it away and were glad for me to take as much as I could

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  • The Remote Automatic Secure Switch.

    Written by Tom on Thursday 04/01/07

    The Remote Automatic Secure Switch (RASS) was born from a project at work and a conversation with my Uncle

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  • Braille Stick, Braille Wheel/Mouse.

    Written by Tom on Tuesday 12/12/06

    We at Mission Technologies are a creative bunch. Here’s an idea that I (Tom) had one morning.

    The Braille Stick. A device that looks like a big ruler with a single row of Braille actuators

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