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  • Glossary of Terms

    Written by Ian on 03/06/13

    Here is a handy glossary for ARM-embedded related terminology http://www.mission-technologies.org/info/glossary_of_terms.html

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  • Want to work on an ARM but can't afford the hardware? Emulate it!

    Written by Ian on 01/01/08

    The amazing and excellent QEMU emulator (which I use to run windows on my MacBook and Linux machines on the rare occasions I'm forced to it) also emulates an ARM processor. See what you can do...

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  • ARM books.

    Written by Tom on Tuesday 28/11/06

    We've been using some of these books for a long time - they come recommended. You can click on
    the links to access the Amazon.com site (and even buy online):

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  • Philips LPC Series Microprocessors.

    Written by Tom on Wednesday 29/11/06

    The Philips LPC2100 and LPC2200 series, include (at time of writing):

    • LPC2104, LPC2105, LPC2106
    • LPC2114, LPC2124
    • LPC2119, LPC2129

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  • ARM on a single board computer.

    Written by Ian on Wednesday 29/11/06

    The author had great fun designing then building a small single-board computer
    and running this up. Loading Linux to the board

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  • Does ARM have a core-duo?

    Written by Ian on Saturday 16/12/06

    OK the name "core-duo" is probably registered by Intel, but ARM also have equivalent functionality
    in a relatively new device that they seem to be keeping quiet about. This consists of

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