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  • Morality Independent of God is an Aberration

    Written by Hepuni Kayina on 04/06/13

    Morality Independent of God is an Aberration.
    This is a transcript of a sermon by Hepuni Kayina at an international fellowship meeting in Hefei, June 2013. It was invited as a special guest article for this site. He has an excellent analysis of whether or not there can be any morality independent of God: whether just because a majority of people start to believe something is suddenly right can actually make it so. It is a challenging message, but one that we all need to hear: read it and stand firm.......

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  • Prayer + football? Look at the NZ All White's

    Written by Ian on 30/07/10

    To many, it was a surprise they made the last 16 - but New Zealand's All Whites football team had made it to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. The question was not really winning the competition, but how well they would acquit themselves.
    • However they had a 'secret' weapon: prayer.
    • But could this really affect the outcome? Let's see...

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  • Why doesn't God answer my prayer(s)?

    Written by Ian on 25/01/10

    God answered George Muller's prayers: 30,000 according to George's own very careful records.

    How many of us can boast the same?
    • If not, what's the problem?
    • Where's the blockage?
    • Maybe this article will help, with 7 key points to consider.

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  • George Muller

    Written by Ian on 13/01/10

    Read about an amazing 63-year long experiment that demonstrated beyond all doubt the God exists, listens to prayers and answers them.

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  • Ready to follow God? Yes but...

    Written by Ian on 01/09/08

    Are you ready to follow God wherever He leads?
    • If your answer is "yes, but..." then this is for you

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  • Left Behind - revelation of what is to come?

    Written by Ian on Tuesday 27/11/07

    Have you read the books, seen the films or played the computer game? The Left Behind series follows Rayford Steele and the Tribulation Force through the end times - 16 books worth of end times, with over 45 million copies sold. Is this just a huge marketing scam, or is there really something to all this...

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  • Let's look at Galatians

    Written by Ian on Wednesday 22/08/07

    A few weeks ago I sat down and did a study of Galatians. It's the first letter Paul wrote, and quite complete in it's coverage. Let us look what it is all about...

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  • Hosea and the Church

    Written by John on Sunday 17/06/07

    We looked at the first chapters of Hosea the other evening. Poor Hosea - imagine being an upright member of your congregation known for speaking out against the corrupt and sex obsessed society and then being told to go out and marry a whore (not a pleasant word - but that is the reality of it)

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  • Celebrating diversity

    Written by John on Friday 01/06/07

    I was looking at a job description for a Research Fellow in the Health Technology Unit at the University of Canterbury. I came across the following requirement:

    Personal characteristics for this position include:

    • Tolerance - acceptance, indeed celebration of diversity in relation to ethnicity, culture, values, religion and life choices.

    This was the first of the personal characteristics mentioned.

    What appears to me here is a new definition of "tolerance."

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  • Assumptions at Pentecost

    Written by John on Monday 28/05/07

    It's Pentecost and inevitably talk turns to talk about the Holy Spirit (rightly so). Over the past few weeks I've heard some teaching on the Holy Spirit, read some books and had several discussions. I have detected that most people (including myself) make assumptions about the Holy Spirit without really checking out the scriptures or thinking things through well. I've listed some of the assumptions I've detected. I'm uncomfortable with most of them (at least without them being qualified in some reasonable way), and I believe some are simply false and misleading. They are in no particular order ...

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  • A Happy Place being sick and Victorious.

    Written by Tom on Tuesday 08/05/07

    A friend asked me the other day whether I thought, as she clearly did, that there was a kind of Christian peer pressure that we should all be happy and victorious. I’ll be honest with you. I laughed out loud. I couldn’t help myself. I perhaps should have paused before giving a considered methodical response. But I didn’t. I just laughed out loud. And it wasn’t just a snigger. It was a deep-in-the-belly laugh; the kind of involuntary reflex
    you get that one should normally suppress in polite company

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  • How was the NT formed?

    Written by John on Wednesday 21/03/07

    It's a good question. After all, we are making, and asking others to make, life changing decisions based on 2000 year old texts

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  • What happens when a Good Man dies.

    Written by Tom on Saturday 03/03/07

    Living the last year in Pakistan where life is a lot slower gives one a different perspective to events from home, time to think and ponder.

    I received news from NZ that our next door neighbour has died. He was a good man, always there

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  • The Holy Bible - the ultimate anti-virus protection

    Written by Ian on Friday 23/02/07

    Did you ever visit some dodgy website and get a virus on your computer? It's not just your PC that suffers if you surf to the wrong place

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  • Why do good people suffer?

    Written by Ian and Tom on Wednesday 21/02/07

    Why do good people suffer?

    morning I was told that Laural, the wife of the doctor up in Gilgit Pakistan, has breast cancer. This family has spent 16 years in that harsh environment of Gilgit with lots of problems and difficulties

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  • From Lament to Praise.

    Written by Tom on Monday 05/02/07

    The Church and most Christians do not know how or why to lament. I had a chance to speak a couple of weeks ago at a church service and chose the above

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  • What is the story behind St Valentine's Day?

    Written by Ian on Sunday 04/02/07

    The story of St. Valentine's Day...

    begins in the third century with an oppressive Roman emperor and a humble Christian martyr

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  • Does God really heal the sick?

    Written by Ian on Friday 15/12/06

    To answer this question, we go back to basics and look at what the Bible has to say about the issue of healing through prayer today

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  • God's worth.

    Written by John on Tuesday 12/12/06

    When either through our own messing up or through someone else messing us up our self worth takes a hammering
    it is an opportunity to stop and ask the question "where is my self worth?" For many it is centred in what?

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  • The danger of scientific theology.

    Written by John on Tuesday 12/12/06

    We tend to think of an "ology" as a science - biology, psychology, cosmology.
    Certainly when we come to think about parts of the universe we turn to science and scientists for answers.
    We respect their ability to detach themselves from the object

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