Cheryl Allen


Meet Cheryl

What do you do at Mission?

As the Administrative Manager and Distribution Coordinator, I’m mostly involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. I handle employer-related functions, bookkeeping and the distributor side of Mission Technologies. I do what I can to support our team in whatever way they need. Event planning is a highlight of what I get to do.

How did you end up in this field?

As a young adult, I worked for my dad’s manufacturer’s rep firm, so this type of business isn’t too far from my roots. After working in the administrative arena for years, it turned out that my longtime friend Dennis Orlow was hiring someone to handle all things administrative for his company. Amazingly, Dennis’ company was acquired by another longtime friend, George Kennedy. If you can’t work with your friends, who can you work with?

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with our ever-growing family (four children, two stepchildren, six grandchildren – that’s 17 of us with spouses!), Bible study, golf, biking, or walking with friends.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve been a part of at Mission?

Since I don’t work directly with the sales side of our business, I look at my job in terms of how I can uplift our team so they can do the hard work of connecting parts and systems to amazing projects. My favorite project is working on our team events. We’ve enjoyed retreats at Grand View Lodge, apple orchard trips, bag toss tourneys, and dinners out. It helps that we work for an entirely generous company.

Cheryl’s Top 5 Clifton Strengths Themes: Belief | Adaptability | Connectedness | Woo | Harmony

What’s the nerdiest thing about you? I like to look at maps. When hard copies were available at rest stops, I would pick them up.

If you could be an extra in any movie or show, what would it be and why? In the crowd at Miracle on Ice, for two reasons. First, while I am an extrovert, being in front of people is not my favorite thing… I like to blend.  And second, a movie that makes me cry with a real-life happy ending is my fav.

Share a movie quote that best describes you. “You can’t handle the truth.”

What was your childhood dream job? Does wife and mother count?

What’s your superpower? The Holy Spirit.  (You asked...)