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Our Ethos
Mission Technologies is a charitable organisation involved in advanced electronics.

The directors of Mission Technologies do not own the company (it is owned by a trust), and can not keep any profits. By the laws of New Zealand, where MT is incorporated, all profits must be given away to other charities.

We set up and run this company as Christians for Jesus' sake. He is Lord and Saviour of All! If you don't know this yet we recommend you take some time to read the Bible. The chapter of John in the New Testament doesn't take long to read but it can totally change your life. If you are open-minded, and you ask God to help you see, you will definitely never be the same after doing this!

Why do you operate MT?
We believe that God gave us skills in electronics. We wanted to devote our lives to whatever God has in mind for us, and came to believe that this involved setting up and running MT. Right now, this part of MT is dormant. One of us is still in NZ doing a heap of stuff for charity, but the other director is overseas right now and not doing anything active for MT.

Do you (the directors) benefit from running MT?
Yes! We had great fun developing the products we used to sell, learnt loads and felt great knowing we were doing something for God rather than for ourselves!

It was also wonderful knowing that our products are out there being used and being useful in a number of companies and organisations. Takeup begain slow (and to be honest were always slow), but we did have orders and interest from USA, Austalia, Singapore, UK, Germany and (of course) NZ. Our first international sale was to the US, but our biggest sales were in NZ.

Besides the feelings, we did not benefit from this financially, but that's OK for us - we think of this as a tithe on our time.

Who are the beneficiaries?
Well as we wrote the first version of the webpage we were entering our third financial year. It took a long time to become solvent and begin enjoying a revenue stream, but we decided we would tithe our sales anyway: our promise to all customers is that, before we even talk about donations and helping charity, and before we cover our own costs, 10% of whatever money you pay us for our products will be donated to charity. Some of our beneficiaries have been:

What is the future for Mission Technologies?
Who can say? However we believe that God will continue to bless this venture.

What can I do to help?
Firstly, please pray for us. This applies whether you are a Christian or not - even if you aren't sure that God exists! A prayer, willingly and selflessly given to the Lord, is worth more to us than a hundred orders.

Who are you?
We started as a bunch of ordinary electronic and software engineers (4 of us working part time at the last count- but with regular help from a number of other electronics 'angels'), two of whom are directors, and all of whom are contributors. But remember that, if God wants to bless MT, we don't need any special skills or amazing ideas (he would do it irrespective of this). We only need a single attribute: the willingness to step out in faith and be used by our God.