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  • IP protection ratings chart

    Written by Ian on 15/10/08

    Maybe you've heard some equipment described as "rated to IP54" or something, and wondered if that makes it waterproof... well find out here exactly what those numbers mean

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  • AC mains, Current, Voltage drop, calculator

    Written by Tom Scott on 12/10/08

    Need to calculate voltage drop, max current ratings of AC mains cables? Read on

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  • Online Bandwidth Tester using JavaScript.

    Written by Tom on Thursday 22/03/07

    Wanting to test our new broadband connection I went on the hunt for a free online bandwidth tester. As usual they never do exactly what you want so I had a crack at writing my

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  • Hot Water Cost Calc and Header Tank Pressure Calc.

    Written by Tom on 20/02/2007

    We have continuous problems with water heating and water pressure or lack of it.

    It took me a long time to find any useful formulae to help us get some numbers. When I did find the info it was in a difficult format so I adapted it

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  • POP3 Mailbox Maintenance for Windows.

    Written by Tom on Monday 22/01/07

    When we were getting SPAMMED big time at the end of 2006 I required a method of just reading the email headers without downloading the body. MailMaint was the answer

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  • Very Simple Content Management System.

    Written by Tom on Thursday 11/01/07

    The school that am I working at has a web site with static pages. The problem with this is it takes a little bit of knowledge and effort to update and up load these pages. The person generating the information does not have the skill to do this. So I thought there must be a better

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  • Document KeyWord Miner

    Written by Tom on Saturday 06/01/07

    Have you ever needed to discern the contents of a document quickly? Behold the Document KeyWord Miner. With this online utility you can quickly

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  • Mission Technologies MySQL Database Editor.

    Written by Tom on Tuesday 02/01/07

    While trying to get my head around PHP and MySQL I created this database editor. With it you can
    create/remove databases

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  • CMS from Mission Technologies.

    Written by Tom on Tuesday 19/12/06

    While developing this site over the last month I built a Php CMS based on the most excellent CMS tutorial from

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