God's worth.

Written by John on Tuesday 12/12/06

When either through our own messing up or through someone else messing us up our self worth takes a hammering
it is an opportunity to stop and ask the question "where is my self worth?" For many it is centred in what
they do professionally - be as a student or in the work place. Our culture almost expects this,
afterall one of the first questions asked of a new aquaintance is "what do you do?" with the answer
expected to be in respect to their professional life. Unfortunately, our work and workplace can be a fragile
environment dependent on personalities and economic forces. Is "what we do" really who we want to be?

As a Christian I must remind myself that my worth is that which has been gifted me by a loving God who thought
me worth the sacrifice of a child for. Not that I have done or been anything so fantastic,
just that I am the
object of grace - underserved love. My self-worth is, therefore, I wonder what the reaction would be next time someone asks "what do you do?"
if you answered "I love God and my neighbour"?

Even for those who don't hold to the Christain faith, would you answer "I am loved by my family and I love them
in return."?