Ready to follow God? Yes but...

Written by Ian on 01/09/08

Are you ready to follow God wherever He leads?
• If your answer is something like:

  • yes, but not right now
  • yes, once I save some money
  • yes, after I'm married/have a job/retire
  • yes, if you...

Then you have a problem. A "yes but" is not a "yes". Actually what you are saying is that some part of you is ready and willing, indeed maybe even yearning to be consecrated in God's service, but another part of you is not so sure.

1. We all need prayer

But do you know that this isn't an unsurmountable problem?
• Do you remember how Jesus, before being arrested and crucified, seemed to ask God if this next step was really necessary?
• Do you remember that Jesus spent long hours in anguished prayer at that time?

Think about this:
• Jesus knew and accepted His destiny, but still seemed to be looking for another way out if God allowed.
• If even Jesus needed encouragement, how much more do you think that you need it?

Few people (despite their fine words afterwards) are ready and willing from day one to follow Jesus wherever He leads.
• In fact nobody can take even one of those steps without prayer.
• Even Jesus needed that prayer.

Pray about it. Pray for Gods leading.

2. Trust in God

Trust your heavenly father.
• Once He leads you through Jesus, you don't know what will happen.
• But it is guaranteed to be the very best thing that ever did or could happen to you!
• This requires a level of trust that God will not let you down.

3. You were made for this

Why are you here on earth?
• Well I can tell you that it is for a reason that God put you here. Only by following Him closely will you fulfil the destiny that was picked out for you, indeed tailor made for you before you were even created.

4. OK but I still have doubts

• Do you know that faith is a choice not an emotion?
• You choose to believe.
• Every day you must make that same choice until it becomes automatic, as you grow in the assurance of Gods love.

It's the same with wanting to following Jesus.
• It is a choice.
• Not at first a choice to follow Him (that will come later).
• At first, you must decide that you would like to follow Him unconditionally. You tell God in prayer that you are:

willing to be made willing

Once you make that choice, God will work in you.

5. Conclusion

Did you pray about this yet?
• No - well do it now. I will wait for you:

Lord, I long to follow you. Please help me to follow you.

I pray that you will sweep away the doubt and uncertainties in my mind so that I can see things clearly.

I pray to be made willing to follow you, wherever you might lead.

I love and trust you Lord. Take me and use me.


6. Congratulations

You have made a choice. You might feel no different right now, but pray this prayer sincerely each day, and two things will happen. (1) it will become an automatic way of life to you and (2) God will answer, will take you, use you and you will fulfil your God-given potential.

7. Afterword

God listens to our prayers, and answers them. However I am convinced that we usually cannot even guess how He will answer them - it is usually in an unexpected way!
• So make a note somewhere that you prayed this prayer.

In a years time look back and work out what happened because of this. Then tell someone.
• Or blog it, or whatever - don't be silent about what God has done for you.
• He is performing minor miracles in our lives everyday (and probably a few big ones too).
• Let those unbelievers see!