The Holy Bible - the ultimate anti-virus protection

Written by Ian on Friday 23/02/07

Did you ever visit some dodgy website and get a virus on your computer?

You know the rules: have your anti-virus software installed, keep it up-to-date, and practice discernment in the sites you visit.

But did you ever consider it's the same for us humans? The Bible says the eye is a window into the soul (Matthew 6:22-23 - but some translations may differ). That means what we spend our time looking at will affect our souls, right?

So what does this have to do with a virus? Well I believe it's quite possible that if people look at the wrong stuff (for example gratutous nudity) then they are letting bad stuff into their souls. Even watching a show or video that portrays immorality is giving sin a foothold in our soul.

These days most of can't even manage one day without seeing something against God's commandments - it's all around us. Worse when you consider bad languge, swearing, taking the names of God and Jesus in vain.

For our kids it's worse. Their immature impressionable souls are wide open to whatever they see and hear on TV, at school, or out in society. Can you imagine the little bits and pieces of corruption lodging in there? Building up day by day, furring up the arteries of innocence. Until their hearts become closed.

Well at least we can do something about this: Install and update our anti-virus software. This is done by letting Jesus into our hearts, updating and empowered through prayer and the reading of His word.
Jesus is so powerful. Just as well considering the few minutes of His word we get compared to hours and hours of the fallen world battering our senses daily.

So next time you happen upon a explicit website, or hear something you wish you didn't, take time to get your virus protection in order:
Pray and read the Bible every day. Let the word of God and the blood of Jesus protect you in all that you do, see and hear.