What happens when a Good Man dies.

Written by Tom on Saturday 03/03/07

Living the last year in Pakistan where life is a lot slower gives one a different perspective to events from home, time to think and ponder.

I received news from NZ that our next door neighbour has died. He was a good man, always there to help with all sorts of projects, generous with his time, tools and produce from the vegetable garden.

Yet a fundamental question eats at me, where will this good man end up. As far as I know he never professed a belief in Jesus, in fact any conversation I had with him to do with religion he use to brush off as a bad joke ‘Don’t want anything to do with them’, whether this was from a bad experience or lack of interest I will never know. But I will be devastated that this good man would be denied heaven because of my inability to ‘share the gospel’
with him. This has led me to question those around me to seek wisdom on this issue. As usual each person has there own slightly different version of what happens to good non-believing people.

From my own bias I like this article by Jerold Aust from the Good News Magazine.

It helped me get my head around the whole topic.

When I showed the above article to various people there was concern over the interpretation of several of the referenced scriptures.

Here is a short article by John MacArthur.