XAMPP u beauty.

Written by Tom on Monday 30/04/07

I had my share of troubles getting Apache 2, PHP5, MySQL and phpMyAdmin working on my desktop windows box. Downloading the correct installs was a mission in itself.

I needed to set up a mirror system on my laptop and thought I would give XAMMP a whirl.

Downloading the 85Mb install was the most difficult part of the install.

Once the .zip file has been unzipped into any partition, it was just a matter of clicking on 4 batch files and Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin where all installed as services and working. All I had to do was copy over my web pages to the local htdocs folder, import the database via phpMyAdmin and I was up and running. No more than 25 minutes start to finish.

A huge thank you to the people at XAMPP.

Try it for yourself from here for Windows and here for Linux.