Problems living behind NAT/proxy, Email and Remote Access to PC’s.

Written by Tom on Thursday 31/05/07

Out here on the outer rim of the internet (Pakistan) we have an interesting situation with our ISP.

Originally the ISP allocated a private IP address to our iDirect router. Our traffic is beamed via satellite to the ISP NOC and then it passes through a NAT/proxy and the IP address is translated to one of their public IP addresses.

When I plug their public IP address into SpamHaus it comes up as appearing in the Composite Blocking List (CBL) which basically means it has detected spamming activity from this IP address.

Problem 1 Email.

This means that mail servers using CBL will be dropping our emails, this is not good.

So I emailed our ISP and out lined the problem to them and requested our own public IP address. Lo and behold they actually gave us one but the problem still persists because we are still behind the NAT/proxy. Until they create a rule in their firewall we will always be NAT’d. We wait and hope......

Problem 2 Remote PC access.

Because we are living behind our ISP NAT/proxy we can’t use standard methods to remote access PC’s such as VCN.

The other day I was lamenting this fact to a friend and he suggested Logmein.
I checked it out and within 30 minutes I was in business. This is a very slick application with a two step installation process.

First; create an account with Logmein which is straight forward.

Second; download the logmein.msi and install it again straight forward.

To remote monitor the PC it is just a matter of logging on to your Logmein account via a browser and the PC is in a list to be monitored. There is a Logmein Free version that just provides remote control only.

Check it out for yourself here.