Just upgraded to OS-X Leopard and found your printers stopped working?

Written by Ian on Wednesday 28/11/07

Did you just upgraded to OS-X Leopard and discover all your printer configuration was removed? If you're like me you would try to add it back again, finding that the configuration utility no longer works.

Suddenly my windows shared printers (actually SAMBA shares hosted on a trusty linux machine) had disappeared from the view of OS-X and the Windows printers menu item did not work.

What you need to do is first open the Add Printer dialogue box.

Next hold down "ctrl" and click the mouse on the title bar to bring up a menu. Select "Customize menu...".

From there, drag the "Advanced" icon to the titlebar and save.

Now you have an advanced tab, but this still will not work unless you first click on "Other Printers" and then click back on "Advanced".

Next you get a pull-down menu. Select windows printers, and you will -finally- get a dialogue box that lets you add your printer.

I got this from browsing through the Apple support webpages. This was a combination solution from various posts, but if this doesn't work for you, go there and look for other alternatives.

In the meantime, enjoy Leopard!