Do you count on Email?

Written by Tom on Tuesday 12/12/06

The events of the last week have highlighted the dependence that some
people have on email and also the expectation that email will be
delivered almost instantly.

A leading British Spam authority has stated that as much as 95% of all
email on the internet is now spam. Much of this is going to be discarded
as soon as it arrives. But you can't throw it away until you have
received it so an enormous amount of computer resource is being consumed
just trying to ensure the 5% gets through. The forecast is that the
situation is going to get worse, to the point where email may become
unusable. Do take this into account if you are basing the success of
your business on email.

The delivery of email around the Internet almost always involves
multiple hops. Expecting a message to get from A to B instantly is
simply not possible or realistic. The fact that email is usually
delivered as quickly as it is, is quite amazing. It only takes a problem
at one of the intermediate hops and your message will be delayed.