Windows Server 2003 DNS debugging tutorial.

Written by Tom on Saturday 20/01/07

Is DNS working?

Open DNS Start->Administrative Tools->DNS

Remove an entry from lets say a .org folder ServerName->Cached Lookups->org select site right click delete.

Then go to the command line and use nslookup to find the .org site, dont worry if it does not find it the first time it takes a few seconds depending on the internet connection try a few times, if it works then great the DNS is active and the entry will appear in the org folder. If not there might be a problem with the DNS provider try adding this one from opendns.

Right click on the server name in the dnsmgmt console->Properties->Forwarders and add this IP address hit the OK's. Now try the nslookup again give it a couple of tries and it should find it. If not then check that the internet connection is up.