Braille Stick, Braille Wheel/Mouse.

Written by Tom on Tuesday 12/12/06

We at Mission Technologies are a creative bunch. Here’s an idea that I (Tom) had one morning.

The Braille Stick. A device that looks like a big ruler with a single row of Braille actuators
and a button on the far right hand side. The user reads a line of Braille and then hits the
button for the next line of Braille to appear. A portable book for the blind updatable via USB of course!
We discussed this idea and one of the other chaps came up with the Braille wheel.

Visualise a modified mouse with your index finger resting on the single Braille actuator.
The user controls the speed at which they read by the left to right movement of the Braille Wheel/Mouse,
if they missed a bit they just move backwards through the book via a right to left movement.
We thought that this was a great device, until we did a little more research into Braille devices.

The reality is that a correctly trained Braille reader users two hands and reads in a sweeping
motion down the page therefore our device would only be useful for a one handed single digit blind person.