Cultural Dis-equibulation: Linguistic Myopia:

Written by Tom on Sunday 04/03/07

Living in Pakistan has its quirks here is a couple of them.

These are titles that I have coined for the experience.

Cultural Dis-equibulation:

This is when you enter a place which could have been back in NZ (the West). The first time this happened to me was at the dentist. The waiting room was clean, cool, modern and peaceful, I sat there for 45 minutes reading the Time magazine and forgot that I was in Pakistan. Back out in the traffic I was very disorientated it took me an hour or so to recover. The next time was when we as a family went to McDonalds in Rawalpindi.

Linguistic Myopia:

When you speak to someone in Urdu and they can't workout what you are saying, not because your Urdu is terrible but because they are expecting English. Happens all the time and when you explain that it's Urdu the light go on.

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