Jandal Fixer

Written by Tom on 07/01/08

Universal Jandal,Flip-flop,thong, fixer.

How to repair any jandal, flip-flop or thong.

Step 1: Locate a bottle of beer with a twist top. (Speights is the authors choice).

Step 2: Remove twist top and drink beer.

Step 3: Apply hammer to bottle top until thus.

Step 4: Drill a hole the exact size of the circle on top of the Speights bottle top.

Step 5: Make a single cut from the outside to the inner circle.

Step 6: Apply to jandal/flip-flop as pictured... and there it is a thing of practical beauty. The Universal Jandal, Flip-flop, thong, fixer.

Credits: Maddy (7 years old) who took the photos and wrote the first draft it can be read below.

Fiest get your salf a botel of beer.

Tack the cap of the botel dreingk it all.

Yse a hamer to hamer the cap.

Drill a holl in the cap.

Cut the cap with a pear of tinsipds.

Get your brocon jandil put the speit uniaversal jandeil fixefer in plasca.