Here at Mission Technologies we use Linux extensively.

Written by Ian on Tuesday 12/12/06

This site (like most of the internet - including google and the biggest of the big names) is coming from
a Linux server. The high reliability of the operating system means uptimes over 1 year are possible (and
between electrical power failures we've had several uptimes of > 1 year on the MT site).

Most of our software applications, and most of our product documentation has been done on Linux machines
using OpenOffice software (which also runs on Windows). OO is a great step up from Microsoft Word/Powerpoint
etc. and we also recommend it's use - even if you aren't confident to switch to Linux you can do the world
some good by switching from Word to OpenOffice.

At the bottom end, our embeded ARM hardware all runs an embedded Linux operating system! For embedded developers
the access to excellent standard development tools, high quality built-in OS functions, and the entire
protocol stacks for pretty much any network prototcol mean that products based on this system can be
up and running quickly.

If you're wanting to give Linux a try on your PC, the best way is to get a "live" CD from gentoo or
kubuntu (do a websearch). You can download these for free or buy them online for as little as $1 or $2,
boot from the CD without touching your Windows setup and try out the features of Linux. Later if you
decide to keep Linux, you can install this on your PC to coexist with Windows (and it will be much much
faster running from hard disc compared to running from CD - in fact you will find it's faster than windows
so you'll feel like you've suddenly got a faster machine!).