Biggest FPGA manufactueres

Written by Ian on Sunday 14/01/07

From our surveys, there is not a lot of room for competition in the FPGA device market - the top two players pretty much own the market for larger devices:

  • Altera have always been at the forefront of programmable logic development. Their tools have traditionally been better than those of Xilinx, and their products innovative but maybe a little more expensive.
  • Xilinx have responded well to the later market entry of Altera, and this has pushed them into better and better products at reasonable prices. At any point in time one of these two companies will be in the lead but you can be sure that within a couple of months the situation will reverse!
  • Actel is (in my view) a distant third place. Their tools are wey behind in usability, but their devices are good! Actel have some strong niche markets, but not many people would call their devices cheap.